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Hearing Aids and Smartphones

Hearing Aid and Smartphone Connection

Similar to how smartphone technology has advanced over the years, so have hearing aids. Both hearing aids and smartphones are essentially minicomputers and use advanced technology to process information and provide the user (or wearer) with a seamless experience. Just as Apple and Android devices are top tier of the smartphone industry, certain hearing aids are also at the top of their field.

Smart hearing aids, or digital hearing aids, with premium technology, are incredibly advanced. Many of today’s digital hearing aids received their name of being “smart” because their functioning capabilities are sophisticated and innovative. One of the most popular features in hearing aid technology today is Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth hearing aids have changed the game and give the wearer a much more seamless listening experience.

Can Hearing Aids Be Connected to A Smartphone?

One of the main advantages of Bluetooth hearing aids is that they can connect to your iPhone and Android devices. This allows you to stream phone calls, music, and other audio directly to your hearing aids! Connectivity doesn’t stop at pairing to smartphones, Bluetooth hearing aids can also be connected to your favorite wireless devices such as your TV or laptop (depending on the model).

Benefits of Pairing Hearing Aids to A Smartphone

With easy and wireless streaming, pairing your Bluetooth hearing aids to your smartphone means you can enjoy connectivity without the need of an intermediary device. Not only can you stream sound from your smartphone (or other Bluetooth capable devices), but you can also control your hearing aids from an app. Depending on the manufacturer of your hearing aid, you can download the corresponding app to your smartphone and experience total control of your hearing.

Some benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids being connected to your smartphone include:

  • Easy wireless streaming of phone calls, music, and other audio
  • Discreetly adjust the volume of your hearing aids from an app
  • Change your listening programs from the palm of your hand
  • Track your hearing health
  • Monitor your battery life

There are many advantages of trying Bluetooth hearing aids. When connected to your smartphone, you can experience seamless listening and enjoy total control of your hearing.

To learn more about Bluetooth hearing aids, or if you need help pairing your current Bluetooth compatible hearing aids to your smartphone, then contact an EarQ provider today. They will be able to walk you through the process of connecting your hearing aids, or they can help you find a pair of Bluetooth hearing aids that will put you in control.


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